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What is DaSheikh?

DaSheikh is a blockchain payment system using the SHKH coin. The coin’s worth is determined by the value of the abilities and services its owner offers to other users. It is the currency of self-worth. It is neither commodity money nor commodity-based money, and it certainly is not fiat money.

How Does It Work?

We will reward our customers with SHKH coins in exchange for their participation in our ecosystem. Our step-by-step application will help you transition to DaSheikh payment system.

  • 1 Step One

    Identify your abilities and clients.

  • 2 Step Two

    Set the price of your products or services in SHKH coins.

  • 3 Step Three

    Receive payment for your goods and services in your preferred currency and earn SHKH coins.

  • 4 Step Four

    Profit from the sales of your products and services AND the rising value of SHKH coins.


A world in which nothing is impossible. A universe where, if you can dream it, it will be. Everyone is welcome, and you are only known for your abilities and skills. A fair and transparent system ensures the exchange of goods and services. The rules and regulations are unanimously adopted. The value of the currency reflects the wide range and high quality of services available in this world. Wealth is defined solely by the value and benefits you bring to others. Welcome to DaSheikh DAO.

Transaction Types

Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Person-to-Organization (P2O), and Person-to-Machine (P2M).


Create a virtual reality version of yourself in our Metamall based on your gifts and skills.

Secure Transfer

ERC-20 utility token is easy to transfer and compatible with most digital wallets.

Smart Money

Passive, environmentally friendly income with no mining hardware.


Transparent structure to safeguard the interests of holders.


User's authentication badge for personal verification in the metaverse.

Our Philosophy

“Sheikh” refers to an elderly man or tribe chief in Arabic. DaSheikh is being launched from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to ensure its legitimacy, integrity, and proficiency, as Dubai is at the forefront of various innovative disciplines, such as space exploration and metaverse applications.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It is not something you wait for, but rather something you create.”

SHKH Coin personifies the brand of integrity and legacy.


Burnt 30%
Private Sale
Public Sale


DaSheikh first private sale date will be on the twenty-second of December, 2022.

  • Q1 2022
    Data Gathering

    Developing processes and products list

  • Q2 2022
    Team Development

    Selecting team members

  • Q3 2022
    Creating Platform

    Liquidity development

  • Q4 2022
    Pre-Release Partnerships

    Smart contract development

  • Q1 2023
    Private Sale

    Adding 1,000 new holders

  • Q2 2023
    Public Sale

    Listing on Exchanges

  • Q3 2023
    NFT Launch

    Users Personal Authentication Badges

  • Q4 2023
    Metaverse Mall

  • Q1 2024
    DAO Launch

  • Q2 2024
    Community Development Project

  • Q3 2024
    Metaverse Skill Development Program

    P2P P2O School

  • Q4 2024
    DAO First Annual Meeting

Welcome to the Metaverse Mall

The Spices of Sheikh Nakha

A scent is a story.

Our first metaverse mall client is a talented individual with unusual traits. He smelt good and was well-dressed. He came from a region where smells were traded for centuries. The “Sham” region, in translation, is the land of smell, so when we asked how he heard about us, he said, “I did not hear about you, I smelled your project!”

His name was Sheikh Nakha. He explained how the power of smell is a smart business. It is distinctly part of our human identity and we should be able to experience it in the metaverse. Sheikh Nakha suggested a more personal and powerful way of representing ourselves online. Your virtual brand doesn’t have to be inhuman. We can share that message with the power of scent.

Meet the Team

We are a team of professionals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds with a wide range of experience in: IT; database management; call center; retail operations; running multi-million dollar businesses; sales; marketing; accounting; market analysis; cryptocurrency research and trading; talent development; HR; and graphic design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership. This ensures all decisions are made with a bottom-up approach and are governed by a specific set of community rules. A clear and transparent structure will manage who and how issues are debated and voted on, and it will protect and safeguard the interests of all SHKH coin holders.
DaSheikh's ecosystem is diverse and robust. It is consumer-friendly as it entails dApps, NFTs, and holding with a limited quantity of token supply to make the market more effective for the users. The coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it more valuable.
DaShiekh application backend code will run on a decentralized network rather than a centralized server. They will use the Ethereum blockchain for data storage and app logic. A smart contract is similar to a set of rules that reside on the blockchain for anyone to observe and follow exactly. Applications will be built to exchange products and services between verified SHKH holders.
Da Sheikh's NFT will include art, music, and products, as well as an actual person. Users of DaSheikh will receive one-of-a-kind artwork depicting their fields of expertise and talents. DaSheikh NFT can be used as a personal authentication badge for verification if necessary.
Our mission is to employ blockchain smart contracts to buy and sell skills and talents for actual goods and services.
DaSheikh's vision is to create revolutionary change through its innovative concept. Its goal is to provide a secure environment for its users to exchange their skills and talents for actual goods and services. DaSheikh will help users advance their interests and provide long-term benefits for their abilities. DaSheikh will also provide an opportunity for individuals to meet others with a wide range of skills and talents, as well as acquire new skills to improve their economic conditions.
Dasheikh smart contracts function as a digital agreement between parties and are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These contracts can be negotiated between two parties using Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Person-to-Organization (P2O), or Person-to-Machine (P2M) transactions. DaSheikh smart contracts are compatible with those on major networks. The contract is automatically fulfilled and the assets are transferred to the contracting parties when a preset set of parameters is met.
Dasheikh will invest in underserved communities to help them develop new skills, such as one-on-one language study, traditional cuisine and apparel manufacturing, music, and other forms of art and crafts. Cultivating valuable talents and allowing individuals to earn financial rewards for their abilities will bring us closer together and maintain the equality of our self-worth. DasheikhDAO will provide regular updates to highlight where our community is progressing.

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